IFBB Pro Andrew Hudson

Professional Bodybuilder | Bikini Evolution | Body Evolution | My Best Body

Coach Name: Andrew Hudson
Team Name: Bikini Evolution / Body Evolution / My Best Body Transformations
Specialities: Contest Prep Coaching, Transformation Coaching, Posing and Presentation Coaching

More About Andrew “Bulk” Hudson:

Andrew is a professional bodybuilder in the IFBB Professional League. He has an ETA qualification with over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor.

The original online coach in South Africa, he has built a solid reputation of being a master of 12-week transformations, having coached many winners of various online challenges. Recognizing the challenges that people are faced on the more common shorter programs, Andrew has changed the My Best Body program to a 16 week plan that has an educational component as well. He is now more passionate than ever about helping people achieve their physique goals in the best possible ways.

Andrew is a full-time online coach and trainer, and the owner of Bikini Evolution, Body Evolution Physique coaching and My Best Body.

With a tremendous amount of experience, he has a proven track record and a variety of tools to help his clients achieve their goals whether that be you losing a couple kilos or standing on the world’s biggest competitive stages. Andrew has numerous fitness industry stars and celebrities that utilize his services. He has conducted numerous seminars on correct training techniques and proper nutrition both locally and internationally.

Bragging Rights:

2014 – IFBB Arnold Classic Ohio – Bodybuilding Super Heavyweight Champion (Earned Pro Card)
2016 – IFBB Arnold Classic South Africa Pro Bodybuilding, 10th Place
2016 – IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Bodybuilding, 7th Place
2017 – Pro Maker – Marcelle Collison – IFBB Professional League Figure Pro
2019 – IFBB Arnold Classic Australia Pro Bodybuilding, 9th Place
2019 – IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding, 12th Place
2019 – Pro Maker – Julian-Lee Ramdhari – IFBB Professional League Bodybuilding Pro
2019 – iCandy Classic KZN – Overall Bodybuilding Champion – Julian-Lee Ramdhari
2019 – iCandy Classic Mother City – Overall Figure Champion – Liesl Damstra
2019 – Pro Maker – Liesl Damstra – IFBB Professional League Fitness Pro
2019 – Pro Maker – Liesl Damstra – IFBB Professional League Figure Pro