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Champagne Productions is proud to announce the 2018 Muscle Mulisha Model Search in Association with MudPie Records. The contest will be held at FIBO Africa 2018 in the Muscle Mulisha GrandPrix Auditorium on Friday, 26 October 2018.

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Contestants will be judged on shape, tone, symmetry, poise and overall beauty. Contestants will be judged individually and in group comparisons in 3 rounds: Beach Wear, Themed Wear and Evening Wear.

You must be 16 years or older to enter. No experience necessary.


  • Body Condition & Overall Beauty/Charisma – 50% of Score

Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with overall condition and beauty/charisma. This is not a bodybuilding contest, so extreme muscularity will be negatively scored.

  • Stage Presence & Personality – 40% of Score

Contestants will be asked to walk across the stage and present themselves. In the swim wear round Two-piece swimsuits are required and   thongs or G-Strings are not acceptable. No lewd acts will be allowed. Judges will be looking for the contestant with the best stage presence and poise who can successfully convey their personality to the audience.

  • Audience Popularity – 10% of Score

The goal is to be charming and charismatic, and to incite audience participation.

Contestants will need the following:

  • Two piece swimsuit (Female)
  • Board Shorts (Male)
  • Themed Wear
  • Evening Wear
  • 1 Page Bio
  • 1 Full Length/1 Head & Shoulders Photo of Contestant
  • R650 Online Entry Fee / R750 Onsite Entry Fee
  • Proof of Age (copy of a valid ID, Drivers License or Passport)

Online Entries Close 23 October 2018
Onsite Registration on 25 October 2018

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